Intuitive Cyber Analytics:

Human mind remains the best analytical tool. The big idea behind our efforts is to equip human operators with an intuitive collaboration mechanism with a cybersecurity AI system.


Vlabs’ approach to delivering effective analytics lies in understanding how to combine human and machine capabilities. Human mind remains unbeatable in contextual analysis, business knowledge, intrinsic intuition and general problem solving. Alternatively, machines are very good at task automation, processing at scale, data joints, statistical analysis (i.e. unsupervised learning) and trained (i.e. supervised learning) techniques.

The effectiveness of a cyber security analytic solution ultimately lies in operator’s ability to make use of the advanced functionality available in the software. With that comes the paradox: the more capable the analytic system is, the more difficult it can be to use.

Situational Awareness

Security Operations Challenges

  • Information overload – operators have to track numerous data points
  • Lack of time  – operators are often forced to make quick judgments
  • Insufficient skills – operators need to process complicated network engineering and cyber analytic information

Decision Making Process

  • Evidence – decomposition of situational complexity
  • Hypothesis – connecting the dots
  • Investigation – following the logic


Effective Cyber Analytics is about pursuing actionable information through targeted data insights. Our team uses lean and agile development approach to tackling many challenging Cyber Analytics use cases. When implemented well, the business gains situational awareness of its network infrastructure environment and targeted assets as well as cyber adversary's actions and capabilities.

Lean & Agile Product Development

When the business asks for lean or agile, they are asking you to be more responsive to their changing needs


  • Discovery

    We evaluate team resources, business processes, and technology components to facilitate a phased approach to Cyber Analytics initiatives.

  • MVP

    We start with a minimally viable product ("MVP") and construct a long-term roadmap for subsequent product iterations.

  • Development

    We prioritize and refine product features based on the customer feedback to maximize value of our deliverables.

  • Operations

    We view ongoing managed services as critical components of our delivery to ensure that our solution performs at optimal levels.


“Vision Without Execution Is Hallucination” – Thomas Edison


We help our customers to drastically reduce cyber analytic complexity by engaging human intuition & AI decision support. We strive to be the partner of choice for the government and commercial enterprise by redefining quality and speed of AI-driven cyber threat detection.


Our company culture is centered around serving our customers’ needs, doing excellent work, and always delivering VALUE. We share the load – if our customers don’t succeed, we don’t succeed either. We take pride in our professionalism, integrity, and work ethics.


Quality of people is the greatest contributor to success of any business. That is why we only look for exceptional team members no matter where they are. Over the years we have created a very effective distributed execution model based on the daily scrum, efficient telecommunication, and consistent accountability.

“We have used VLABS for our big data and software development projects. We worked closely with a VLABS Data Scientist to build a foundation for our data analytics model. The VLABS team has been instrumental in providing business and technical leadership to meet our project needs.”


Don Schrenk, Sr. Partner, Data in Science Technologies


Oleg Sinitsin, CEO & Founder – Oleg is leading Vlabs in development of the next generation cybersecurity analytic solution. Oleg has spent 20 years in the IT & Security industry with a consistent track of successful software product launches and customer engagements.

Jamin Becker, CTO – Jamin is an experienced technologist and a cybersecurity professional. In addition to his corporate career, Jamin is the creator of, the largest public packet capture (PCAP) analytic service in the world.

Oleg Sinitsin

Founder & CEO

Jamin Becker


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